Why You Might Be Numbing

What is numbing and why do people numb out? Numbing is not wanting to feel. It's an attempt at blocking pain.  It is easy to visualize someone shooting up a needle as numbing, but what about habits as simple as excessive partying, promiscuous behaviors, binge watching, the obvious one; alcohol, even isolating from others. Numbing … Continue reading Why You Might Be Numbing

Why I decided To Go To Therapy

There are no shorts cuts in therapy. Its talking about the hard stuff you have hidden so deep within you forgot it was still there. It’s taking the thoughts out of your head and letting it hang in the air for another person to hear it. It is being vulnerable with a total stranger that have no reason to side with you, so you are sure to get their total honesty.

How To Change Your Mindset and Your Spending Habits

Money cannot bring inner happiness and we should never worship money but being aware of the opportunities money affords us, and the resources it provides is important. You cannot help a starving child if you yourself is starving. You can’t help someone pay a bill if you don’t have any money to spare. So, let’s look at money differently, stop being afraid to talk about it.